Year 10 Health Lead Team

In-service Day, Wednesday 4 April, 8.45am-2.30pm

Apologies: Gina

Hilary, Chris, Bernadette, Toni and Graeme.



Time and Venue


HOD Office; D Ext.

  1. Team Building
    A look at the programme for the day.
    Some brief information about the "Lead Team" concept.
    A chance to reprioritise suggested activities;

    What would we like to achieve by 2.30?
  2. "Why did you decide to join the team?"
    A review of individual reasons for getting involved �at the sharp end' and how this involvement fits your educational perceptions�
    ("Health as a complement�.
    Health as competition with�
    Health as a potential NCEA subject�
    Health as a means to an end�)

    What have we learned about our fellow team members?
  3. Copies of the course have been printed for each team member. Plastic envelope files have been purchased along with requested materials.
    Time for collation;
    Time for content review;
    Time for comment about additional resources;
    Time for comment about professional reading;
    (Hilary and I visited UBS at Christchurch Hospital last week; a report on possibilities�)
    Time for comment about any related issue.

    What observations are relevant now?
    What observations are relevant for those starting the programme?
    What observations can we make about any other course related matter?
  4. The Place of de Bono Thinking in Health
    A copy of the 60 lesson CoRT programme will be distributed including a review of each lesson.
    PowerPoint presentations will be made available.

    What should the role of design and generational thinking be in our Health programme?
    What decisions can we make today?
  5. Personal Management
    (NB. Some of us are teaching Lessons 17-22, Keeping Ourselves Safe and have perspectives to share, including;
    managing the paper war;
    getting the real potential from the lessons;
    sorts of things that happen in lessons;
    student and parent perceptions;
    relationship with colleagues inside and outside the Lead Team.

    What did we decide about course management?

  6. Meeting Management
    We agreed to meet as a team every second Tuesday in the HOD office. These meetings should meet imminent and far goals.
    Agenda and Minutes will be produced.
    How do we manage these meetings to get greatest value from them?

    What do we expect from Health meetings?

10.15or whatever!

Any Other Business

A long and quiet look at the course materials at personal work spaces with the intention of identifying questions for discussion and clarification before lunch?



HOD Office

The Health Syllabus and Assessment

  1. What is the shape of the syllabus, Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum?
  2. How does it compare with Social Studies in the New Zealand Curriculum?
  3. What are the prescribed features for these two Essential Learning Areas under The New Zealand Curriculum Framework?
  4. What is the rationale for the selection of studies in the Burnside High School Y9 and Y10 �Health' courses?
  5. The need for comparability between Social Studies, Technology and Health assessments within our sphere of influence.
  6. The latest on reporting. How it could, should and may be done!
    (We have responsibility for 3 of the 4 �Health' strands. The assumption is that we have 3 assessments but there is no assumption these have to be 55 minutes in length or school based.)

Retreat to an available classroom, venue to be decided.

The Shape of Assessment

  1. Style and format;
    Questions an activities
    Inclusion of Essential Skills
    Crossovers: SS and Health?
  2. Coverage;
  3. Timing?
  4. Writing?
  5. Moderation?

    What are our assessment needs and responsibilities?



  • What did we achieve?
  • What issues have arisen from the course?
  • What are the FIPs (First Important Priorities?)


Course End

  1. Please complete relief requirements today, Tuesday.
  2. Please bring your copies of Social Studies in the New Zealand Curriculum, and, Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum.

As noted, there is room for modification of this draft programme.

Thank you. I hope you find the day is useful.