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Become a de Bono Certified Effective Thinker by signing up to Dr. de Bono’s online course in thinking. Learn the thinking tools that will help you to make better decisions by seeing the bigger picture. Unleash your creative abilities with his Lateral Thinking techniques. Sign up today.

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de Bono Authorised Course

The course was authored by Dr. Edward de Bono to deliver a learning experience that will deeply effect the way you think. The Course is managed by tutors who have been personally trained and certified by Dr. Edward de Bono to oversee and manage his online program.

Self-paced Learning

Study at your own pace. By taking just one hour a day to complete each lesson you will be able to finish the course in 24 days. We recommend doing no more than 1 lesson per day so as to fully absorb and reflect on the learning from each lesson

Online Learning

Study whenever you want, wherever you want. Our course is available 24 hours a day. Give yourself the time to really engage with each tool and technique, by reflecting on the learning from each lesson as to how you could apply that to your life or work.

Over 200 Thinking Exercises

Each Thinking exercise is designed to challenge the way you think or to help you practice the thinking tools that apply to that lesson. This is not a video based course that you don't need to engage with, it will require some work to really improve your thinking.

Become de Bono Certified

Upon successful completion of the course you will be a de Bono Effective Thinker certification. Upon successful completion of the course you will be sent a hand signed and sealed physical certificate. Demonstrate your commitment to education and your thinking with a de Bono certification.

Your own personal tutor

After signing up to the course you will be assigned a personal Tutor who will help guide you through the course and answer any questions you may have. If there is an area of the course that you are finding difficult they will be there to help you through it.

An inspiring man with brilliant ideas, de Bono never ceases to amaze with his clarity of thought. ”

Richard Branson, CEO Virgin Group

See the bigger picture

The first module 'Perception' will introduce you to the de Bono 'Thinking Tools'. Learn to see things from different perspectives and stop rushing to judgement, learn to consider all the factors, think about future consequences and see things from the perspective of others. Make better decisions by understanding more.

Understand the Situation

The second module 'Situations' covers how to recognize the various different thinking situation you can be in and teach you different aproaches to thinking about each type.

Creativity on Command

The third module 'Creativity' will train you how to think outside the box by connecting with your natural inner creativity by understanding how to use the Lateral Thinking tools developed by Dr. de Bono.

What other students think about the course?

I loved the course. The content is simply amazing. I use the tools everyday ”

Nicola Fiorivanti, MIT Media Lab

This is the certification that I am most proud of. ”

Fabien Bourgies, Director at Avery Dennison

Little did I know what thinking truly involves! This course truly expanded my horizons. ”

Laurel Boucher, The Laurel Co.

Using my mind like a muscle, building and creating new pathways of thought. Thanks. ”

Jesko von den Steinen, The House of Dancing

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