CoRT Thinking Skills Curriculum



The CoRT Thinking Lessons were first published in 1974 - there must be many millions of people who have benefited. As we engage the new world of social learning and social media, this website has partnered with
the Dendrite social learning platform where you can access all of CoRT in video learning form to support both teachers and students. This platform allows anyone interested in thinking to access this great programme and
engage in collaborative learning with others from around the world with a similar interest.
The intention behind Dendrite is to consolidate all matters relating to 'de Bono Thinking' - that mix of the CoRT Thinking Programme and Six Thinking Hats and to provide a forum for discussion on the use and implementation
of 'de Bono Thinking' on a worldwide basis.
Dendrite will deal with issues particular to the teaching and use of 'de Bono Thinking' - the enhancement of our thinking ability. This combined Six Thinking Hats & CoRT website is intended to show and illustrate how the
CoRT Thinking tools, which enhance our thinking ability, naturally fit into the Six Thinking Hats framework to achieve both effective and enhanced thinking capability - the CoRT Thinking Tools and The Six Thinking Hats
framework are fully complementary - hence 'de Bono Thinking'.
Thanks to Dendrite there are now three De Bono communities inside which you will find the following.
  • Access to online courses for the teaching of the CoRT Thinking Lessons
  • Question and answer sessions - a discussion forum. This is live and ongoing and the powerful dendrite search engine allows users to access past discussions of relevance.
  • A list of known 'experts' who have had considerable experience in the implementation of the CoRT
  • Thinking Lessons and who are prepared to share their experiences and the 'expertise' in assisting others. Just click ask the expert inside the dendrite De Bono community.
  • A network of teachers who have implemented the CoRT Thinking Lessons and the experiences they are having or have had.
  • Published articles and reports relating to the CoRT Thinking Lessons.
You can access the De Bono Thinking communities for teachers and students and Peter De Bono’s collaboration
Platform subscriptions start at £2.00 per month.
If you would prefer the non-interactive, non-collaborative learning provided by De Bono you can purchase a CD direct from Cavendish training.


Some Test Results:

Report on the Direct Teaching of Thinking - The University of Malta


de Bono Beats Drugs

CoRT Literature Review
Teaching the CoRT lessons at a High school in Ragusa
de Bono Thinking Development in Tomsk (Siberia, Russia)
de Bono Thinking Development in Abu Dhabi and Centre for the Arabic-speaking world(United Arab Emirates)

Experimental Results ....some results of the use of CoRT Thinking Lessons. In the first example 10 lessons had been done and in the second example only one lesson had been done.
Experimental Results If the thinking lessons can be shown to improve thinking skill, then it would be difficult to find an excuse for not using them.
Experimental Results It cannot be expected that the use of the CoRT Thinking Lessons will in every case bring about the sort of results that are shown in these sections.
Creativity Once we accept that concept tools can have an effect on thinking then we may be more inclined to teach such concept tools in particular and thinking as a skill in general.
Feedback ...this section is devoted to direct comments from teachers who have been using the lessons.
Results: Dr John Edwards (extract) Excerpts from "Research and Realities in Teaching and Learning" by Dr John Edwards, Associate Professor of Education, James Cook University of North Queensland